The following Code of Ethics is promulgated as binding on all members to define and set rules of professional conduct of observance.

Section 1. Every member, on being admitted into the Society becomes entitled to the full professional fellowship of his fellow members, and incurs an obligation to advance the art and science of cosmetics; to guard and uphold its standard of honor, and to conform as well as abide by the principles of ethics, professional conduct set forth herewith.

Section 2. It is the duty of every member to bear his part on sustaining the Constitution and By-Laws of the Society.

Section 3. The member shall refrain from acting in any manner or engage in any activity or practice which tends to bring discredit to the honor and dignity of the Society.

A. The member shall not knowingly engage in illegal work and cooperate with those who are so engaged.

B. The member shall refrain from associating with or allow the use of his name by entering enterprises of questionable character.
Section 4. 
The member shall carry on his professional work and act strictly with the spirit of fairness to employers, co-employees, suppliers, and clients alike.

Section 5. The member shall undertake to use the highest professional standards in his work and in the field of competitive endeavor.

Section 6. The member shall achieve the Society’s objectives without using his authority or position for personal gain.

Section 7. The member shall cooperate in upbuilding the objectives of the Society by exchanging general information and experience with his fellow members by contributing to the work of scientific societies, where such information does not conflict with the interest of his client or employer.

Section 8. The member shall uphold the good name and reputation of the Society, and its Constitution and By-laws. 

Section 9. Infraction of this Code of Ethics may be referred for appropriate action to the Board as stipulated in By-Law V Section 1 Duties and Conduct.



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