Section 1. The members of the Society shall be those individuals who are interested in the objectives of the Society and meet the requirements for Active, Charter or Honorary members as provided in the By-laws.

Section 2. Applicants for the various classes of membership shall be elected as provided in the By-laws

Section 3. A member may be dropped for non-payment of dues or for unprofessional or unethical conduct as described in the Code of Ethics. No member shall be dropped except after an opportunity to be heard as provided in the By-laws.

Section 4. Privileges

  • All members shall have the right and privilege to attend the annual, regular and special meetings of the Society.
  • All members shall receive all publications of the Society .
  • The rights and privileges of each member shall not be transferable or transmissible.
  • Any active member shall have the right to one vote.



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